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Create a Statement Look In Your Guest Bathroom

August 22, 2019

When you think about decorating your home, the guest bathroom it may not be the first room you consider. However, when you have family or friends over for a fun evening or a long weekend, they need to feel comfortable and cared for. This makes guest bathroom decor very important. From the fixtures themselves to the choice of toiletries to the bath towel hanging on the bar, you can make a perfect statement look in the guest bath.

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Choose a Design Plan for Home and Guests

The first thing to consider when redesigning a downstairs bathroom has to do with your home's overall design plan. Is your house sleek and modern? Do you tend toward cozy country? Is your goal to create a whimsical eclecticism in every room? These questions and for help you define the overall style to spread into the powder room.

Of course, budget also matters. When you think about creating a statement look, it may not include installing a new sink and vanity or redoing tile work. Something as affordable as new organic cotton towel sets can change the look and feel of the room for the better.

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Add Style With Embroidered Bath Towel Options

You want every guest to feel welcome and comfortable. Besides an overall attractive style and functional facilities, use your own unique style to add decorative pieces that combine form and function. One of the easiest ways to create a statement look is the inclusion of brightly colored embroidered bath towel options.

You can choose from neutrals to match a pristine white or silvery gray bathroom, pastels to promote relaxation in a spa-like atmosphere, or opt for bold jewel tones in floral or geometric designs. The choice depends on your own sense of style in the rest of the house and what you believe your guests will like the most.

Every person that goes into the guest bathroom for any reason needs a towel. Forget the basic terrycloth. It provides an essential service but does nothing to augment the look and feel of this small yet important room. Instead, choose your favorite color scheme or design aesthetic and opt for embroidered ones instead. Organic cotton towel sets at a luxurious feeling of comfort for every guest.

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Make Every Guest Feel Welcome

The comfort and well-being of the family and friends who visit your home depends more on an attractive style that extends from the public areas of your house into the guest bathroom. Adding deluxe touches like embroidered towels goes a long way to making them feel welcome.

While you may not consider the guest bathroom the first on your list for updating decor and remodeling, avoid potential embarrassment when family or friends come to stay by investing time and a bit of money on an update. You do not have to make drastic changes to offer the best to your guests. A luxurious set of organic cotton bath towels with unique embroidery designs are an excellent first step.

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