Organic East-Meets-West Style With the Ata Linen Collection

Organic East-Meets-West Style With the Ata Linen Collection

July 02, 2019

The luxurious feeling of organic cotton sheets makes your bedroom a true sanctuary of comfort and relaxation. However, this does not translate into plain style or boredom. Abandon your use of plain white or pastel sheets that do little more than cover your bed. These embroidered sheet sets in the Ata Linen collection introduce a unique flair of east-meets-west style that you can find nowhere else.

Bosphorus BridgeBosphorus Bridge in Istanbul

Ethnic Designs Meet Ultimate Comfort

In a place where traders in tall ships once slipped through the narrow straights from eastern Europe to the Black Sea, expert craftspeople design intricate and beautiful tile work. These cover the walls of Anatolia with stunning color and patterns. Now, these motifs are repeated on the edges and centers of sheets, pillowcases, duvet covers, and organic cotton towels offered here at "Letters From Bosphorus."

Flat sheets and pillow shams add color and vibrancy to your bed with inspired designs with both intricate floral images and curving geometric shapes. Some pillows and sheets have central emblems that match the borders beautifully. Choose the red, blue and green designs of the Kutahya duvet cover, or more delicate teardrop-shaped motifs of the Willow sets. Most come in multiple colors of stitching on a pristine white background. This helps you choose the perfect solution for your bedroom décor.

Besides bed sheets, pillowcases, and plush bath towels, the Ata Collection also includes embroidered placemats and decorative throw pillows for your couch or chairs.


Why Choose Organic, Local-made Cotton Sheets

 What you choose to put on your bed requires more than stunning style and decorative flair. Ultimately, your comfort matters more. As you slip between the sheets at the end of a tiring day, you want to luxuriate in the feel of smooth, comfortable bedding, and wake up refreshed the next morning.

Organic cotton provides a smooth surface without any potential irritants. The close fibers provide a luxurious feel while extending the life of the sheet sets and towels. All of the cotton at "Letters From Bosphorus" is GOTS certified organic, which also supports their initiative to provide excellent products in an eco-friendly way. The company also plants trees, gardens organically for the towns, and uses sustainable packaging. Created primarily by local women in the region, when you purchase these fine linens from the Ata or any collection they offer, you feel good in more ways than one.

These patterns and motifs have journeyed through time and across oceans to find their way to your bedroom. The beautiful melding of ancient eastern styles that come from hand-made tilework to western aesthetics now presents you with more than one collection of home décor items. Enjoy the comfort of organic cotton. Soak in the beauty of the colorful designs. Know that every time you settle in your bed at the end of the day, you are a part of a tradition stretching back through the years and reaching around the world.

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