Soft furnishing for modern contemporary homes

Soft furnishing for modern contemporary homes

November 18, 2019

In this fast-paced life, it’s a natural desire to feel connected and belonged. Nothing beats the satisfaction to create a home that is more you in every aspect. If you want to add value and originality to your homes, then one easy way to avoid hefty renovations and expensive design solutions is to add up on soft furnishings that mesh a chock full of character and craftsmanship to your contemporary abode. Our range of soft furnishing will help you incorporate a small sense of rich Turkish design into your homes.

organic cotton bedding with model with camera

Soft furnishings are not realized recently, they come from the ancient times. And we will take you back to the ottoman empire. Soft furnishing is for décor like cherries are for cake. If you want to lift up, beautify and enhance the attractiveness of your house on a budget then it’s time to buy soft furnishings. No matter the design theme and goal, be it simple or bold, modern or vintage, always integrate the things that are unique in their own way. You will be amazed how much interest an unusual piece evokes in an otherwise uniform design. Be it a vintage scone or the grandfather clock. You can always do a quick fix through accessories, window treatments and above all with textiles and soft furnishing. Our collection of soft furnishings bring character that seems so costly and hard to come by nowadays. Our products exhibit traditional Turkish features, the motifs and colors that’s blends perfectly with modern interior décor, luxurious rooms , traditional kitchens and ensuit bathrooms.

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Detailed décor does not only rely on ornate furniture and huge paintings etc. We bet on layering of textiles to exude cozy vibe, organic cotton with rich patterns, embroidery and printed silks will add up the magic in sprucing up creative vibe into a space. An embroidered cushion on a modern style sofa can bring out coziness into a space. Our Mania collection will help bringing true colors of Bosphorus sea that stirs and eclectic vibe in any area. It fits in the puzzle of blending character and warmth into solid and lifeless on the face interiors that intrigues modern day individual.

Mania Collection

It’s a rule of thumb to strike a balance in a modest theme and what a fun way to throw some pillows and neck rolls, table linen and duvet covers around the house to add personal touch. We have so many collections that will spruce up the interior according to your taste and preference. Not only this will provide a breath of fresh air but will provide the strongest composition effortlessly. Our Ata collection of soft furnishing will not only add quality to your interior but it also adds value and authenticity, rich texture and ambience to your living experience.

Apart from the visuals if you are concerned about the quality we bet on our natural organic fabrics that reigns supreme. As they say “a great find does not always have to be heavy on the pocket”.

These furnishings will not only underline any décor with colors but will also add up pattern and texture with embroidery, which is very important in a design scheme. Once you have done planning or going to change the overall look of a room, you can easily add up color in a subtle way with our cushions and neck rolls or throws. Jazz up your interior or quickly change the weather in your home with our Ottoman inspired soft furnishings. We ensure the quality while best complementing your house.

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