The Integral Role of Women in the Workforce, in Turkey and in the World

The Integral Role of Women in the Workforce, in Turkey and in the World

May 25, 2018

Women, who make up half of the world’s population, are an essential component of societal progress on both a regional and global scale. The return on their investment in societal development, however, is certainly not fairly represented in the figures. Statistics show that women’s participation in economic life, and the degree to which they benefit from economic and social development, is disproportionate to their share of the population.

Take, for example, the fact that the percentage of women who are active in the workforce hovers around 26.3% in Turkey. On the other hand, in developed countries (including European Union member-countries), the same statistic clocks in at around 62%, about 2.3 times that of women in Turkey. The increased role of women in the workforce, both globally and in Turkey, is an integral part of developing authentically sustainable social and economic progress. There is still a long way to go, which is why Letters from Bosphorus, started by a female entrepreneur mindful of these issues, is making it its mission to help swing the pendulum in the right direction.

With its production process based primarily in Turkey, Letters from Bosphorus employs primarily women to help bring its products to life – going so far as to allow some employees, homemakers-turned-artisans unable to make the commute to the workshop, work straight from their homes. This is an opportunity for these women, who would otherwise not seek employment, to participate in a meaningful way the workforce, sharing their talents under circumstances that are sustainable to their lifestyle.

In addition to employing primarily women on the production side, Letters from Boshporus continues its mission in employing women on the sales side of the business. Even further, LFB participates in sustainable social responsibility practices, aiming for a fair-trade product from start to finish, on all fronts.

The products themselves are a testament to the efforts of these women – their grace and determination shine through in the intricate, laborious, and yet delicate designs of all the bedding sets, bath towel sets, table linens, and the nursery collection (coming soon!), that they so deftly create for Letters from Bosphorus.

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