Turkish organic cotton towels are best-suited to be embroidered towels

Turkish organic cotton towels are best-suited to be embroidered towels

October 15, 2019

Today as a consumer one has an umpteen number of choices when it comes to buying products online. Towels are no exception. One can make a quick selection on any major online shopping portal. The selection is very straight-forward as most towels are sold as standard commodities with little product differentiation. However, when it comes to buying luxury organic cotton towels then it is a different ball game altogether. You have to be careful, because not all cotton towels are organic, as claimed. There have been instances of fraud and therefore one has to be careful from where one is buying the towel. To be on the safe side, it is recommended to buy only those organic cotton towels that are certified as organic.

Superior quality of Turkish towels
Experts say that Turkish cotton towels are extremely good due to the following reasons:

Turkish cotton is of a high quality
Turkish cotton is long-staple fiber cotton. It is produced in the Mediterranean region where the climate is perfect for cotton cultivation. The cotton produced here is of a premium quality that enjoys undisputed leadership status in the world for being the longest, strongest and finest cotton fibers. This variety of cotton is ideal to produce cotton towels, bed sheets, duvet covers and bed covers.

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High rate of absorption
Towels made from Turkish cotton are be able to wipe off the water from your body quickly. Just as the towels have a high rate of absorbing water they also have a high rate of dryness and dry off quickly. As a result, chances of odour and white moulds creeping into towels are minimized and these towels prove to be ideal for bathrooms that are not airy, or don't have good ventilation.

Softness and lushness
This is a USP of the Turkish towels. The long fiber of the cotton ensures that the yarn is practically joint-less and is therefore the thread produced from it is smooth and strong. This renders softness to the towels. Also, after every wash, the towels get softer and fluffier and their lushness improves.

Due to their high quality, superior stitching and overall finish, Turkish towels serve as the de-facto benchmark of luxury hotel towels. This is the reason why hotels prefer them over other towels.

Turkish organic cotton towels are most-suited to be embroidered towels
Due to the above factors, Turkish organic cotton towels are preferred by most hotel chains. In fact as a trend, most hotels have their names and logos embroidered on the towels as a token to symbolize the luxury aspect of the hotel. Sometimes this becomes a necessity in order to bring about differentiation. Hotels try to build their image of exclusivity and luxury by providing organic cotton embroidered towels. Another reason is that longevity is guaranteed in Turkish cotton embroidered towels. No other towel can serve you as long as a Turkish towel can. Turkish standards of manufacturing are high and every luxury hotel towel has double-stitching along the lengths to avoid fraying and for added stability. This is visible if you look at the seams for detailing. Now you can also do embroidery on your cotton towel, or better still, buy organic cotton embroidered towels from select online stores such as https://www.lettersfrombosphorus.com/collections/organic-cotton-towels

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Caring for your towels
Nevertheless, inspite the fact that Turkish towels are of extremely high quality and durable, they cannot last a lifetime. However, by taking a few easy steps underlined below we can certainly ensure that they retain their features of softness and absorption and improve their longevity:

Things to avoid
Avoid using fabric softeners and bleaching agents as they may coat the natural fibers of the cotton. Also, keep the towels away from household cleaners and personal care products containing benzoyl peroxide or alpha hydroxy acids as they may cause discoloration. While washing, avoid putting them in the wash load that contains clothes with zippers, hooks or Velcro.

It is recommended to wash the towel with cold water and a small amount of detergent after every third use. Ideally you should separate the whites from the colored items and wash all your bath items together, in order to prevent pilling. Also to protect the embroidery, it is best to keep the cycle small.

As a best practice you must tumble dry the towels at low temperature. Hang them on the clothesline but before final drying give the towels a shake-up so that their fabric fluffs up. Before folding and storing, ensure that towels are completely dry.

Folding and storing
Before folding, it is a good idea to remove any wrinkles from the towels. A towel can be folded in any way that you may like and it is a good idea to try different styles – a square shape, on the shelf, on the rod, or even as a roll. While storing, put a bag of lavender within the towels to give a pleasant smell.

Replacing towels
An ideal time to replace the towels is 2 years. It is better to plan in advance and have a new set ready before you give up your current setoff towels.

While there are many towels available in the market today, none of them are ideal for embroidery. It is the Turkish cotton towels that are most-suited to be embroidered towels.

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