Our Story Meets The Future

Our Story

Letters from Bosphorus was created with the goal to rebirth and embrace the lost art of hand crafted home comforts in the form of artisanal bedding, toweling, bathing and table top.

Made with the highest quality of Turkish GOTS certified cotton, we believe in empowering women whom for generations have earned their means through passionate creations of handicrafts for the home, creating beautiful heirloom pieces to treasure for generations. Our designs are unique in that they are inspired by the Bosphorus- an imaginary line that artistically merges the East with the West.

Our Process: How we create our products

Each product and set is cared for and handled by one artisan at a time- from the moment her hand touches the thread to weave delicate embroidery or designs to assembly, packaging and handling of the set. Our designs are locally inspired, fresh and unique in that they will never be found elsewhere. The fine, colorful details challenge any other typical designs found in the market. We create pieces for your home to cherish, enjoy and pass on.

In production, we strive to create products that are both functional yet stylish while honoring our planet in using only GOTS (Certified Organic Cotton) that’s fair-trade and sustainably sourced. We also use sustainable practices and recyclable materials in our packaging. 

Our commitment to female Empowerment

Working women in Turkey are a minority, especially the uneducated. The participation of Turkish women in the labor force is less than half of that of the European Union average and our current leadership has employed new programs to increase that figure in the benefit of female empowerment. Letters from the Bosphorus proudly encourages these new initiatives by hiring almost 95% women at our facility and international offices to compliment the country’s and international equality initiatives in the workforce for women. 

The women at our facility producing each handcrafted item are home makers- otherwise unemployed due to under-education. The work that they produce at the Letters from Bosphorous facility provides them with the freedom to express their creativity, while feeling a sense of satisfaction and pride. This pride is also our own pride, the very essence of the business that keeps us empowered, motivated and going.  

Our commitment to our children’s planet

We believe that by embracing sustainable practices to create day to day essentials made from cotton- a crop that requires millions of gallons of water to grow and produce- makes an impact. In addition to sourcing sustainably grown organic cotton textiles, we are dedicated to planting at least 10 saplings in our hometown every year. We also grow and maintain an organic vegetable garden in our facility for our team and their families to enjoy.

Our Traditional Philosophy

We are redefining our perception of “standard’ and challenging the ordinary, we want to revive the tradition of investing in handcrafted treasures for the home in bedding, table top and bath. Our mission is to create a platform for these affordable treasures from the East to re-introduce to the West.

Our current consumer is interested in traditional methods of production- toxin free, clean, organic and of course, ethically produced. We are delivering consumer desires through our promise in process and our solid brand values.