Caring for your Duvet Covers and keeping them perfect for life

Caring for your Duvet Covers and keeping them perfect for life

October 02, 2019

There is a saying “A Thing of Beauty is a Joy forever”. In other words beautiful and good things keep bringing happiness in your life.

This aptly applies to a duvet cover as well. A beautifully crafted and designed organic duvet cover serves nothing short than center-piece of furniture in your bedroom.

A duvet cover is more than just a cover
Come to think of it, we spend a third of our lives sleeping and our bed serves as the place from where we start and end our day. We spend hours relaxing on the bed on weekends and experience bliss when we are in our beds and covered with our favorite duvet cover.

Therefore, it makes perfect sense for us to make our bedrooms the cleanest, loveliest, and most comfortable spot in our homes and enhance it’s functional and design aspects by dressing it with the most beautiful and embroidered organic duvet covers.

Care is needed to maintain the looks and beauty of a duvet cover
Organic duvet covers have a big lifespan and continue looking good as long as they are used properly and washed regularly as per instructions. If this is done, your duvet covers will serve you for many years.

The question that most people face is how to take care of a duvet cover? The answer to this is simple. First and foremost you should buy high quality duvet covers. Secondly, you should buy them from a well-known and reliable source. The more authentic and genuine a duvet cover is the lesser maintenance it will require and the longer will be its lifespan. One good website from where you can buy duvet cover is

Their organic duvet covers are made in Turkey from GOTS certified cotton and come in soft and vibrant colors and present an ideal combination of traditional and modern design elements. Some duvet covers also have embroidered motifs on them that will enhance the beauty and looks of your bedroom.

Step-wise care and handling instruction for your duvet covers
Just as you handle your most precious things with care, similarly you need to take proper and good care of your duvet covers. Home care experts suggest a few steps in this regard:

Everyday care
A duvet cover is an extra protection over a duvet. To ensure longevity of both items, it is a very good habit if you brush your duvet cover with your hands every morning. This will remove any pieces of hair or other crumbs that might have fallen on the bed if you have been watching TV while eating.

How often should you wash your duvet cover?
While there is no hard and fast rule, experts say that the time you when you change your bedspread or bed sheet is the best time to wash your duvet cover as well. This ensures that they are washed in time before they get dirty.

Read washing instructions
This is mostly ignored, but experts recommend following this by the book. The reason is that duvet covers are made from different materials and require different types of washing – dry or wet, hard or soft; or with hot or cold water and drying instructions might also differ.

Washing & drying
For best results, experts suggest using commercial washing machines when washing duvet covers, but in case they are not feasible, then home washing is recommended.

Warm water is ideal for washing. Wash the white or light colored duvet covers first, followed by colored ones. Bleaching is not recommended. Also, never use hot water as it can shrink the material's fibers. In case the duvet covers are embroidered, or having trims and other features, then it is best to follow washing instructions given on the label.

For drying, tumble drying is recommended at regular temperature.
Dry cleaning
Dry cleaning is recommended if your duvet covers are made from wool or silk.

Ironing and storing
Ironing improves the looks of the duvet covers and makes them crisp. It also removes wrinkles and makes your duvet covers look prim and chic. If you have a few spare sets, then you can fold them and store them in either your cupboard or your closet as long as it is dry and cool.

If possible put acid-free tissue paper on their surface. This will prevent the fabric from yellowing. It is best to avoid storing duvet covers in plastic containers as it can trap moisture and lead to growth of mildew.

By taking care of your duvet covers in simple easy steps mentioned above, you can enhance their life by several years. Your neighbors and friends will not be able to understand how you have maintained the looks of your bedroom.

You will also experience an improvement in your health, particularly if you are suffering from allergies. BY washing the duvet covers you get rid of accumulated dust which improves the room's ventilation and keeps it airy and nice-smelling.

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