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Wedding Planning Starts with the Letters From Bosphorus Trousseau Line

July 14, 2019

Celebrate life and love: when two people join their lives together in marriage, they frequently hold showers, ceremonies, and celebrations that combine romance with the more practical aspects of decorating a new home. One thing a newly married couple wants is luxurious linens and other soft furnishings for their bed, bath, and more. From wedding planning to gift giving, the Letters from Bosphorus Trousseau Collection provides everything needed for a lovely home.

For a couple who wants to introduce elegant and comfortable housewares into their new married home, their gift list should include bed sheets, towels, pillowcases, and more. What could be better for the bridal trousseau than the similarly named collection of high-quality lines found here? Instead of purchasing standard, lower quality sheet sets or towels, wedding gifts frequently focus on specialty items that can end up as family heirlooms.

Years ago in the area of the world where Letters From Bosphorus sources the designs and materials for the beautiful home accents we offer, a bride's father would offer a dowry to the groom before the wedding took place. This dowry was intended to provide for the woman as she went to live with the man's family after they were married.


Over the years, the concept of the dowry transformed into a more current and western idea of a trousseau. In parts of the United States, this was more commonly called a hope chest. A young woman would start her hope chest early and add things suitable for decorating a new home as she grew. This included bed linens, towels, tablecloths, and more.


Today in the western world, these traditions have mostly ended. Still, what could be more wonderful than sharing the marriage bed together on the most elegant and richly detailed linens available?

Decorating a New Home With Unique Style

Wedding planning includes many important steps to get ready for the next part of your journey. The Trousseau line from Letters From Bosphorus offers not only product options worthy of any traditional hope chest, but also ones that can make every night with a new spouse significant and comfortable.

The collection of products includes several sheet sets including the Medallion, Fairy TaleStar, Spring, Tulip, and Plum designs. The organic cotton sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers include patterns and designs inspired by the timeless beauty of flowers, foliage, and nature. The motifs appear in beautiful multi-colored embroidery or the unique cutwork embroidered lace designs, which originated in medieval Italy and spread throughout the known world. 


If you need to give wedding guests ideas for gifts, suggest a plush organic cotton bathrobe for him and her, super soft and absorbent towel sets, or handmade crochet-trim placemat sets to help celebrate special family dinners in the future.

Build your own trousseau with the same line from Letters From Bosphorus, or expand your search for beautiful home décor linens and whites from other collections, as well. With the unique blend of eastern styles and western traditions, these items will help you start married life with comfort and love.

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