Why Choose Eco-Friendly And Organic Cotton Baby Clothing?

Why Choose Eco-Friendly And Organic Cotton Baby Clothing?

October 07, 2019

Have you started using organic cotton baby clothes for your child? Or let’s go a step back. Are you aware of what organic cotton is and what benefits do clothes made of organic cotton bring to your child?

What is organic cotton?
Organic cotton is defined as cotton that is grown from non-genetically modified plants, on farms using techniques that do not impact the environment adversely. It is grown without using synthetic agricultural chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides. Organic cotton is harvested in a gentle manner without using defoliants. Once harvested, it is treated with a process that is eco-friendly and does not involve use of Chlorine bleaching. Rather bleaching is done using Peroxides and Azo-free dyes are used during the dyeing and printing processes. As a result, organic cotton is free from harmful chemicals that may serve as potential threat to the health of your children. Therefore, it serves as the perfect fabric to produce organic cotton baby clothes.

What is conventional cotton?
On the other hand conventional cotton is grown typically without any regulations governing the use of fertilizers and pest-control techniques. Further, the manufacturing process also involves use of harmful chemicals, bleaches and dyes and a bulk of these substances remain in the clothing even after the garment has been stitched and packed.

If you bring such a garment close to your nose you will be able to smell the toxic elements. Further, the garment will not be soft, but rather it will have stiffness due to colored dyes and inks used.

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Some facts about baby skin
Doctors say that the skin of infants and young children is very delicate. It is paper thin and requires extreme care since even blood vessels are visible underneath it. Therefore, it is five times more susceptible to absorption than a normal adult. Secondly, it is highly prone to rashes and can quickly turn reddish or slightly bluish, if it is exposed to toxic substances.

Type of baby clothes recommended by doctors
In view of the above, the standard recommendation of doctors to young parents is to use clothing that is light, airy, toxic-free and absorbent. The argument is that since baby skin comes in contact with their clothes, there is a risk that poisonous substances and toxins from clothes made out of conventional cotton would get transferred to the children. Therefore, doctors say that as far as possible parents should buy only organic cotton baby clothes.

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Organic cotton clothes are an essential “must-have”
Organic cotton clothes turn out to be an essential "must-have" in your baby's wardrobe.
That's because as an informed parent you want to limit the exposure of your baby to irritants and chemicals, especially toxic substances while they are growing up. The best way to do this is to make them wear organic cotton baby clothes as far as possible. As most of the growth happens when a child is sleeping, the night wear should be made of organic cotton. This will make them sleep continuously for a long stretch without waking up and crying.

Organic cotton clothing is eco-friendly and beneficial
There are numerous benefits of organic cotton baby clothes:
- Organic cotton reduces exposure to toxic substances and chemicals. The more your child wears organic cotton clothing, the healthier and more energetic he or she will be.

- Organic cotton is softer than conventional cotton and so has a better feel associated with it. Your child feels more comfortable wearing organic cotton clothes and is less irritable.

- Cultivation of organic cotton in done naturally and this ensures that its nutrients remain intact.

- It is free of toxic substances especially, herbicides, insecticides and pesticides and is eco-friendly.

- Skin diseases and allergies are prevented as organic cotton is antimicrobial, mold resistant and smooth and clothes made from organic cotton allow the skin to breathe.

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When is the best time to switch to organic clothing?
Sold out on the idea of organic clothing and interested to switch? There is no better time to start than now. Some people wait for the New Year to make a new beginning and to fulfill their New Year resolutions of saving the environment, but experts say that you can switch as soon as you are convinced.

Further, if you are yourself convinced about the benefits of organic cotton baby clothes then it is worthwhile to spread this message within your immediate social circle and your community. The more people are aware about its benefits, the higher will be the adoption.

An excellent source to buy organic cotton baby clothes
From the above discussion, it is clear that organic cotton is the way to go forward. Everything associated with organic is pure and healthy - the seeds are organic, the soil is chemical-free, the insect control is toxin-free and the harvesting process is delicate. The end result obviously is healthy!

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